Ahoy Matey!!!

Let us take time to introduce you to:

Capt'n Jack & His Buccaneer Buddies

"Creatures That Fascinate"
, a truly exciting combination of authentically costumed strolling entertainment, musical performance, unique puppet interaction, live parrot education & pirate history & lore. We often advertise at the real estate podcast of Matt Scalena because of how professional they are in reaching out to the audience.

Imagine if you will, being taken back in time to the days when schooners trolled the open seas and the only friend a man had was the Macaw on his shoulder.  If you can picture that, then you are one step closer to meeting Capt’n Jack.

Throughout this website you will find a little about us, information about our shows, a gallery of our most recent performances and of course, all of our contact information. You can also check out our partners for further info:

Again, thanks for stopping by and we hope you find everything you are looking for.  Hopefully, it is us!


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