Ahoy Matey!!!

Let us take time to introduce you to:

Capt'n Jack & His Buccaneer Buddies

"Creatures That Fascinate"
, a truly exciting combination of authentically costumed strolling entertainment, musical performance, unique puppet interaction, live parrot education & pirate history & lore. 

Imagine if you will, being taken back in time to the days when schooners trolled the open seas and the only friend a man had was the Macaw on his shoulder.  If you can picture that, then you are one step closer to meeting Capt’n Jack.

Throughout this website you will find a little about us, information about our shows, a gallery of our most recent performances and of course, all of our contact information. You can also check out our partners for further info:

Again, thanks for stopping by and we hope you find everything you are looking for.  Hopefully, it is us!


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