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Capt’n Jack’s (over 50) incredible cohorts  in this truly unique performance are as varied as the stories of lost treasure and high-seas pirate adventure that we all heard as a child.  From Blackbeard, The Pirate and Snoz Perboxious to Seamus McNasty-McNasty and Bobbie, The Sultry Songstress they are all beautifully hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind puppets.  Although not a ventriloquist, but a puppeteer, Capt’n Jack skillfully combines his love of music with his puppet artistry to create an unforgettable and magical event.

Pirate History & Lore Show

Capt’n Jack also performs with his colorful, shoulder-perched buddies, creating a symphony of techni-color sights and sounds.  The audience’s reactions to these multi-hued flyers of fancy are truly a sight to behold.  Peaches, Dixie Chick (a Greenwing Macaw) , Big Mango and the newest addition, Gracie are the crowning glory to this highly entertaining performance.

Capt'n Jack is an great expounder of PIRATE HISTORY AND LORE...
"....costuming, diet, drinks, pirate haunts, discussing types of weapons & modes of defense, methods of punishment and justice, superstitions & attitudes, women aboard ships, famous women pirates and their stories, pirate ships (difference between 2-masked and 3-masked square riggers and schooners + other facts), "Social Security & Democracy", stories of piracy, qualifications for being a pirate, diseases and illnesses, "Buccaneers" vs "Pirates", famous and infamous pirates thru history, burial @ sea. (aka: "Why did pirate wore a gold earring" Hint: not a fashion statement), ransom & white slavery vs execution.......just to name a few subjects he covers.

Live Parrot Education ShowPic of Dixie

Capt'n Jack presents a bird bonanza in his 15-minute show which thrills young & old alike. It will include 3-6 parrots from 3 continents (Africa, Australia, So. America) of the world. His new PA system assures that all audience members, no matter where they are, will clearly hear all the interesting facts of this show. The audience is encouraged to asked questions. Time is allotted for those who wish to have an up-close-and-personal experience and to interact with our parrots.

Photo ops are provided upon request.

This is an excellent opportunity for events, schools, festival and camps to allow their participants to have a great and interesting educational experience.

Total show time estimated: 30 minutes.

A tip jar is passed around the audience to help support the
Not For Profit 501(C)(3) PARROTDISE FOUND Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary, which is a pet project of Capt'n Jack & Betty.


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